What is Wrong with my Inverter Battery!

There are so many things that may have gone wrong with your Inverter Battery. It may be heavily corroded, may be experiencing a cell short, may be experiencing a cell cut or may be experiencing any of the other “more technical” problems that befall Sealed Lead Acid Inverter batteries.

A cell short occurs when a battery, after having been in use for a long time, starts to experience a break down of its lead plates. This “lead dust” accumulates and becomes solid; gradually growling (rising from the base of the battery) like a volcano would. It is this solid lead cone that eventually touches the plates, and then leads to a short.

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A cell cut happens as a result of mechanical failure of the Inverter battery. In other words, this happens when a component within the battery comes lose. This can be as a result of poor handling during transportation or low quality manufacturing process.

Cell (Lead) corrosion is no different from Iron rust. As a result of natural cause, the lead plates in a battery start to corrode, with whitish lead-oxide forming on the plates. This formation can get so thick that you can visibly see the battery bulge. You should not allow your battery to get to this point.

The Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery is the most popular type of batteries for home and office inverter use. It comes in 3 variations, depending on the separator. These are the AGM, Gel and Standard SLA batteries.

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I can imagine that when you purchased the battery bank, it would do 8 to 24 hours, but now it only does 30% of that time…and it worries you. It should, and you need to act fast.

Batteries are like anything of value in life, they need to be maintained, they need to be well taken care of, they need to not be abused. By over-charging, under-charging or over-discharging your batteries, you are directly reducing their useful life. If any of the above occurs, they your bank of battery is certainly bound to under-perform.

There is however technology out there to accurately determine the problem with your batteries and ensure that you maximize (read double) the useful life of your batteries. I mean why shouldn’t there be.

Your inverter battery no longer needs to do just 2 years, make it last for as long as 4 years. On one hand, you enjoy near-new backup time, as well as savings on having to buy new batteries

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Finally, quit buying cheap batteries. They are bargains that eventually lead to losses, and in some cases fire! The previous videos are meant to illustrate the various manufacturing techniques, be the judge on which will serve best.

How to Recover the Capacity of Your Inverter Batteries

TruNorth Limited is Nigeria’s first battery testing and regeneration company that utilizes a non-invasive technology to recover the capacity of inverter batteries.

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