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Gateways are devices that allow you connect devices of one type (of protocol, wiring etc), with another type. In Unified Communications, you will find gateways a lot and this is not necessarily a bad thing.

There are many types of gateways available (GSM VoIP Gateways, GSM Analog Gateways, Trunk Gateways etc), but this post is about an Analog-VoIP gateway.

An analog voip gateway allows you to take advantage of your existing analog phone and wiring, while enjoying all the benefits of a VoIP server. This is a reasonable migration path for most businesses that have invested in analog or hybrid PABXs, and want to switch over to VoIP to enjoy all its benefits.

You will find analog voip gateways in various configurations. As a customer, what you should look out for the most are

  1. The number of ports (1, 2, 4, 8, 16 … up to 112)
  2. The type of ports (FXO, FXS – that extensions phones plug into)
  3. The concurrent calls possible
  4. The manufacturer

Because there is so much we can say about these points, I’ll focus on a specific need. “A business with 100+ extensions that want to take advantage of VoIP.” Businesses that fit this profile include hotels, banks, large service organisations etc.

The sheer number of ports required means that you want to highest density analog voip gateway, as this translates to lower cost per port. Also, you don’t want to be stacking 8-port analog voip gateways to implement a 500 port system!

That is where the Dinstar DAG3000-112S comes in!

Dinstar DAG3000-112S

Dinstar DAG3000-112S

The Dinstar DAG3000-112S is a 112 port Analog (FXS) VoIP gateway; currently the highest density FXS gateway suitable for new or upgrade VoIP implementations, and only 112 port analog voip gateway.

Dinstar is a world renowned telecommunications equipment manufacturer that offers high quality products designed on the back of strong R&D research from companies like ZTE and Huawei.

The beauty of the DAG3000-112S lies in its modular architecture. This means for even less space, the device is able to deliver more ports. Also, the modular architecture makes maintenance and repairs very easy.

For new telephone system implementations that require the delivery of a system with more than 200 extensions, the DAG3000-112S guarantees you over 30% savings over a comparative implementation using the Panasonic KX-TD600.


Dinstar DAG3000-112S

Dinstar DAG3000-112S

The DAG3000-112S will work with IP PBXs from the likes of commercial vendors like Avaya, 3CX, Mitel etc and also open source projects such as FusionPBX, FreePBX etc.

Reach me via the contact form below to learn how the DAG3000-112S can meet your needs today. Don’t hesistate to ask how you can leverage of VoIP and IP PBXs to take your business to the next level.


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