Who is behind MMM Nigeria?

So, continuing from where I left off in my first post of this 2-part analysis of MMM Nigeria, I resorted to some sleuthing this time to unravel who is behind the MMM Nigeria site. I believe this is necessary to make my readers better understand why the decision to “invest in helping” might lead them.

I begin my search by first examining the ownership of the domain mmm-nigeria.net. By doing a domain name lookup, some vital pieces of information come up.

mmmnigeria domain ownership

Before I proceed, I would like to point out some findings I made about the MMM global online operation.

  1. There is no physical address not even a remote office or annex address
  2. The facebook page no longer exists.
  3. Sergey does not deny he’s not running a pyramid (unless the interpretation was false)
  4. mmmglobal.org was registered in 2014, but has all it’s owner/managers information hidden.
  5. The servers hosting both mmmglobal.org and mmmoffice.com are hidden behind cloudflare.

Alright, back to discovering who runs mmm-nigeria.net. Ah, this registrant did not bother to buy anonymization add-on to his domain name. So our domain owner is Ernest Mbanefo of JoBurg with email [email protected]

A quick googleing of the email yields quite a bit of information, but not as much as a Facebook search for the email. Pastor Ernest Chigozie Mbanefo is the owner of the domain mmm-nigeria.net. Hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, what if Pastor Mbanefo doesn’t know anything about MMM? So I did more digging.

I found his blog here, and his twitter handle here. Also, I found a youtube channel he just set up not too long ago, here. Still, not getting ahead of ourselves, let us for a few minutes assume that…

  • Pastor Mbanefo has no idea that MMM has collapsed in its origin country
  • That it was founded by a convicted unrepentant ponzi schemer
  • That it is being investigated in South Africa by the NCC and
  • In Nigeria, been discouraged by the SEC.
  • I am also assuming that he knows nothing of the “warning“, and
  • That he is not benefiting from the users who join via his referral id [email protected]
  • Permit me to assume “MMM Federal Republic of Nigeria” is a registered legal entity, and
  • Pastor Mbanefo is not actively still marketing MMM to Nigerians, going by the recency of his posts pastor mbanefo activeon twitter and Youtube especially.

I wondered for a while if the Facebook user, the Facebook page, the blog, the twitter account and the Google plus account were unrelated, but after some searching and unravelling, I was able to link all accounts back to the same individual.

are you pastor mbanefo 2

Unreplied Twitter chat

I also did try to contact Pastor Mbanefo via Facebook and Twitter to hear from him on why he is still working hard, marketing MMM to Nigerians (illegally) from his base in South-Africa,

but 12+ hours later, I am yet to get a reply.

I believe that one is innocent until proven guilty, but I also believe MMM is just another Ponzi scheme. I have tried to do my readers a favour by putting a face to MMM Nigeria. Eventually, it might turn out to be a case of identity theft or worse, that a Pastor is indeed trying to fleece people of their hard earned money.

The only thing left is for me to sit Mr. Mbanefo in my studio while he answers questions from callers to my call-in programme. But since that prior statement is not going to happen, use the information provided in this post to reach out to him, ask him the important questions, and know exactly, what you’re going into.

It’ll be strange to hear he says anything different to “THE WARNING“.

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