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Finally, MMM Nigeria Has Crashed

For those who follow the recent happenings around MMM, it is no news that MMM Nigeria has been hanging by a thread these past 4 weeks. Now we can confirm that finally, MMM Nigeria has crashed. 13/12/2016, mark that

As the House Investigates MMM

Since the house wants to clamp down on MMM, here’ a comment I pulled off the comments section of PremiumTimes that got me thinking… Abegi have they stopped Bet9ja? and other betting sites? have they stopped baba

Who is behind MMM Nigeria?

So, continuing from where I left off in my first post of this 2-part analysis of MMM Nigeria, I resorted to some sleuthing this time to unravel who is behind the MMM Nigeria site. I believe this

Is MMM Nigeria a Scam or Ponzi?

Since I came across the mention of MMM Nigeria on facebook, I paid no attention to it as I felt that people would by now know a ponzi scheme from legit investment. I also saw in my