SimplePay4u plugin for WHMCS

It’s been 3 nights and I have been battling with integrating Nigeria’s Simplepay4u with my the WHMCS installation I use to manage clients of my hosting service,

There were 3 main problems:

  1. The plugin that Simplepay makes available via its developer page was last updated in 2012, 3 years ago.simplepay_notupdates  In this time however, the world has moved on.
  2. The WHMCS documentation is a clean backyard, full of mines. The docs “look” modern, but either the content has not been updated in a while, or the docs are for the future – i mean like year 2076, version of WHMCS, or maybe the guys who work on the docs just hate developers. The WHMCS wiki was very helpful, so was Stack Overflow.
  3. WHMCS is licensed PHP code. However, the WHMCS guys take it one step further, the meat of the code base is obfuscated using ioncube. As a developer, your digging in ends around the ‘plates.

So, if you have been following so far, you would have guessed that my biggest frustration in getting the integration to work was from WHMCS itself, then Simplepay4u for not having committed resources to this, considering it just makes business sense.

To save you all the time and effort, especially if you are not a dev willing to get his hands dirty, I am offering an installation and integration service of a working Simplepay4u payment gateway for WHMCS for N15,000 Naira only ($100).

From the screenshot below, you can see I have made significant improvement to the user interface (and certainly the code) – you will agree with me that even the wordings of the simplepay4u API are confusing; “freeclient??”


Here is what you get:

  • Installation of a working (check out to see a live demonstration of the working WHMCS Simplepay4u integration) plugin.
  • Integration of the plugin

To buy the SimplePay4u WHMCS plugin (installation & integration), please visit

You can also email Dayo on