Regular Expression (REGEX) to match “non-emaily” emails

A few weeks back, while working on an application, I came upon a common problem…I required a regular expression (REGEX) to match emails. Certainly, there were a number of examples I could borrow from across the internet, but I had two cases I had to deal with in addition to the standard (general) match:

  1. Emails that were “hidden” i.e
  2. Addresses that were “non-emaily” emails i.e jn7909723@NIGERIA.png

According to the RFC 5322,

Addresses occur in several message header fields to indicate senders
   and recipients of messages.  An address may either be an individual
   mailbox, or a group of mailboxes.
Normally, a mailbox is composed of two parts: (1) an optional display
   name that indicates the name of the recipient (which can be a person
   or a system) that could be displayed to the user of a mail
   application, and (2) an addr-spec address enclosed in angle brackets

After a number of trial and errors…and the goodness of , I came up with the following


You can see my REGEX in action here:

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to provide feedback!