Footage that implicates the Nigerian Military of Atrocities in its war on Boko Haram

Please be advised that the following video is both gruesome and disturbing.

I’m sure after watching this, you are thinking what I am thinking…”How can this be happening?!”

This is what our Military and CJTF really look like, how they really operate and why this war on terror is actually a ruse.

You do not fight terror with terror; we have seen this fail over and over again. Nigeria continues to exist as a lie. These videos were not concocted, this is they everyday life in North-East Nigeria.

Obviously, the Nigerian military is overwhelmed and cannot live up to its mandate to protect the people and territory of Nigeria. These are Nigerians being slaughtered!

This is barbaric and inhuman, and there is absolutely no reason to condescend to such depths.

These extrajudicial executions have to stop or Nigeria will!!