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OpenVPN Setup on Linode for linode and Remote Clients

Here is a quick guide on how to setup openvpn on linode. It is important to describe what I’m trying to achieve. My customers have a simple problem and I do too. For me, I want to

Installing Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) on Linode

I had installed the Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) on Linode in the past – just to test and see how it worked, but when I really needed it, I had completely forgotten how. I have overwritten

Deploy AWS Lambda from a Windows PC

So my requirement was simple. Deploy AWS Lambda from a Windows PC such that once a file is uploaded to a bucket, an SFTP put is etablished to a remote server. Some background. While trying to do

Our consciousness is what limits us from doing extraordinary things

As I watched my son grow, I observed he went from… Unconscious: Doesn’t have a clue of what is impossible or possible. Just does it!…and oh, did he do strange, great things! Semi-conscious: Now aware of “some

Inverter, Batteries, Power Usage, Sealed Lead Acid Battery lifespan

You see, I really didn’t know what to title this post, so I kinda just put together the keywords from the tweet I stumbled upon that tripped my having to put this together. This particular piece was inspired

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans Cheat 2016

I woke up this morning with the sour taste of yesterday’s discovery, that I was effectively getting half of the data bundle bought from Airtel Nigeria. The taste still lingering on my lips, I hit twitter to do some

The True Cost of Airtel Megapack Data Plans

Where do I begin? I end this post by showing you that with Airtel Megapacks, you (like I was) probably are not paying for what you think you are paying for. I am not trying to sound

Secure your Django Project on Heroku with Let’s Encrypt

I really should learn to retire to bed after a 2 day bug whacking marathon. Because I had been working on a Windows PC (with limited resources)…and couldn’t get docker to run (I was able to install redis

AJAX Upload using django-ajax

Django-ajax is one module I’ve come to love on my present project and I see myself using it a lot in the future. It takes care of the nitty gritty and lets me focus on the important

Django – How to add ManytoMany model inside a post_save signal

I cannot tell you how much hair I tore out in trying to solve this problem, but it quite a lot. I was tearing hair out everyday 8.am to 5a.m (the next day) for 3 days. I