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Our consciousness is what limits us from doing extraordinary things

As I watched my son grow, I observed he went from… Unconscious: Doesn’t have a clue of what is impossible or possible. Just does it!…and oh, did he do strange, great things! Semi-conscious: Now aware of “some

Finally, MMM Nigeria Has Crashed

For those who follow the recent happenings around MMM, it is no news that MMM Nigeria has been hanging by a thread these past 4 weeks. Now we can confirm that finally, MMM Nigeria has crashed. 13/12/2016, mark that

As the House Investigates MMM

Since the house wants to clamp down on MMM, here’ a comment I pulled off the comments section of PremiumTimes that got me thinking… Abegi have they stopped Bet9ja? and other betting sites? have they stopped baba

Inverter, Batteries, Power Usage, Sealed Lead Acid Battery lifespan

You see, I really didn’t know what to title this post, so I kinda just put together the keywords from the tweet I stumbled upon that tripped my having to put this together. This particular piece was inspired

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans Cheat 2016

I woke up this morning with the sour taste of yesterday’s discovery, that I was effectively getting half of the data bundle bought from Airtel Nigeria. The taste still lingering on my lips, I hit twitter to do some

The True Cost of Airtel Megapack Data Plans

Where do I begin? I end this post by showing you that with Airtel Megapacks, you (like I was) probably are not paying for what you think you are paying for. I am not trying to sound

Who is behind MMM Nigeria?

So, continuing from where I left off in my first post of this 2-part analysis of MMM Nigeria, I resorted to some sleuthing this time to unravel who is behind the MMM Nigeria site. I believe this

Is MMM Nigeria a Scam or Ponzi?

Since I came across the mention of MMM Nigeria on facebook, I paid no attention to it as I felt that people would by now know a ponzi scheme from legit investment. I also saw in my

Secure your Django Project on Heroku with Let’s Encrypt

I really should learn to retire to bed after a 2 day bug whacking marathon. Because I had been working on a Windows PC (with limited resources)…and couldn’t get docker to run (I was able to install redis

AJAX Upload using django-ajax

Django-ajax is one module I’ve come to love on my present project and I see myself using it a lot in the future. It takes care of the nitty gritty and lets me focus on the important