At the Barber’s Shop

After spending the day working out of the office-it’d been a crazy past 2 weeks, i decided to go pay my good friend Hauwa a visit. I was sure I heard her mind yell, “Damn boy,u need a shave!”– just to remind you, it was in the past two weeks that i forgot my brother’s birthday, shut down the only interface through which a (not too critical) server could be remotely accessed, misquoted my account number-leaving me very stranded and finally my gf threatened to break up with me (that part was sumwat xager8td)…it was a hel’ova week!
Now, before i continue, my barber shop is hood- as in very local…at least at first sight, until the barbers start “putting your head in order”. It takes an approximately (unusually long) one and a half hours to shave my head. These guys are pros starting from the way they “light the clipper up”–( i was dazed the first time i witnessed that spectacle). Next, the 1 hour journey to “clean cut” starts…in between, gist after gist,….then after gists and more gists—I guess thats why it’s a barbers shop. At times, the guy literally forgets he’s shaving someone and then hangs the clipper off your ears and goes to argue his point out thoroughly. BE WARNED, DON’T THINK OF STOPPING BY TO BARB YOUR HAIR IF YOU’RE IN A RUSH. At looong last, he’s done, then all of a sudden, this local barber shop transforms to something of a styling and treatment centre. Hair spray, hair steam, hair soap, hair spirit, hair pomade, hair hardener, hair curler…and finally.
Finally, I walk away looking cute at a modest price.
Even I am stunned, though I know I’ll be back soon, with my fresh look, I think I might just pay Hauwa another visit.
Whatever you are into and consider a job, especially as an entrepreneur, leave a lasting impression in the mind of your customers. Be service driven, courteous and get the required education that will make you a master of the trade. Remember, there are market women and there is “iyalaaje”